1. Sherbert Colored

    The mountains are sherbert colored, layered, scooped, and placed cradling the tiny adobe town. Seven colors. Over our first taste of llama we relax, letting the morning dust settle between our toes and the heat retreat. Letting ourselves hide away in this town, in the pocket of the mountains. 

    But on an adventure one must cross the mountains…and at 4170m we have. My mom with her eyes closed at every turn. The air, the people, the houses, are now thin. We are the handful that exists this high. 

    To descend, to a point marked in the desolation solely by a small building made of salt and parked cars. We are here, the salt lakes. No perception on a crusty salted plane. How the earth has changed to challenge my mind. 

    The sun sets over us in Purmamarca, sipping mate, bolts of embroidery, tiny nativities, sweaters, and children playing through the market stalls. Sherbert colored everything, let’s blend in.

  2. In Patagonia

    From this nothingness, your imagination flourishes. You become an introspective being…or at least an extremely sleepy being on any and all bus rides. 

    Ping, chunk, clunk, as rocks berate the bus down the rocky off-red road, the ocean appears, untouched, unmoved, unchanged…from when you last remembered it. As you walk towards, the wind awakens, threatening to banish you…and beside your feet they start to appear. One here, tucked under the tangled bare boned shrub, they stand ready, eyes fixed on the horizon, longing for their mate to return…a perfect partnership.

    Penguinos. They cross the trails and weave through nests, emaciated, yellow dust encrusted in their feathers, to reach the beach. Their happiness, their glee, as they shake, roll, splash, black and white once again. They will return four days from now, so full they can barely waddle up the beach. 

    Our tour guide also taught us the word for Penguin in Italian..Penguini..which sounds like roasted penguin over linguini with a nice marinara sauce. (Apparently some early explorers took penguins on to their ship to eat…not only were the penguins greasy and fatty..the remaining penguins in the ship’s hold began to eat the ship….payback!)

    I had never thought in my life I would see penguins in the wild…

  3. La Estancia

  4. I get to marry this man.

  5. Family Dynamics

    Victor and Nilda threw a giant barbecue last Saturday…and Argentine barbecues are serious affairs. An entire Patagonian lamb was put over the coals, the afternoon caressed by the savory smoke. Bottles of Argentine wine, Mendoza in origin, Fernet (the classic, served with coke)…la sopa Paraguaya (a light fluffy bread with cheese and onions…family secret recipe), empanadas, mushroom quiche….and then the dessert course: dulce de leche icecream and every other flavour. (Ice cream is on every corner, creamy, rich, and might I say better than anything I’ve had in the states), conitos (chocolate covered dulce de leche cones), strawberry cake, and champagne…..a very serious affair. 

    It starts at 9:30pm and goes past 1:30am, we are a mix. Some people speak English, some speak only Castellano,  some speak a few words, but it was a party. A family get together. After spending a month here, and nearing the end of my parents three weeks here, it was the culmination, the blending of two families. It sounds sappy, overly emotional, but it was pure joy.

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